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thanks to you all you shared you scam story resulting from RBM merchandising because I am an example of a person trying to make some extra money after a back surgery I located the information about RBM out of a entrepenueur magazine.I mailed off my self addressed envelope as they requested.

They responded and requested a startup fee. they also stated dont let this small stat up fee keep you from earning a 50% sales commission. application fee completely refundable, one thing that sets a red flag is that to receive commission if there is a conflict on the amount of sales there is no number to speak to an actual person. I decided to look them up first.

to be honest 15to 25$ can go in the gas tank then to be scamed out of it.thanks

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I got scammed by them as well asked for my money back and they will not send it back but now when you think about it...there's no phone number or anything.

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